Victory Park is just one of many signature planned developments Masterplan has helped bring to reality.

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Masterplan obtains exotic animal permit

In the thirty plus years of Masterplan the firm had never been asked to obtain a rare animal permit for a white buffalo. However, Masterplan’s Santos Martinez successfully obtained the permit allowing the animal to join the existing longhorns and mules at the site.

“It’s always interesting,” Martinez commented, “to be able to do something that the firm has not before. In then end, it’s the same process as getting any permit and making the client happy.”

Over the past five years, permitting and expediting services have been the fastest growing area of service for Masterplan. Staff members, Ed Simons and Raj Sharma, bring more than sixty years of municipal service to permitting projects.

The Dallas Morning News
Santos Martinez, Masterplan

Masterplan rezones Lake Highlands Town Center

Masterplan assisted Prescott Realty with a rezoning effort for the Lake Highlands Town Center.

Using the economic downturn to reposition its asset, Masterplan had the time to fine-tune the zoning to allow for maximum flexibility.

The rezoning allowed for 200,000 square feet of retail, 1,200 residential units, some office space, and a reduction in tree mitigation.

Karl Crawley, President of Masterplan noted, “What makes the project stand out is that Prescott has done a great job creating a sense of place that combines recreational options with an amphitheater in a transit oriented environment. It’s not only good planning: it’s going to be a place to have good fun.”

The Dallas Morning News.
Karl Crawley, Masterplan

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