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Longtime City Hall critic, Jim Schutze, recognizes efforts of lobbying by Masterplan at Dallas City Hall

Jim Schutze, columnist for the Dallas Observor, and an observer of Dallas City Hall since the 1970s recently praised the efforts of Willie and Dallas Cothrum for their efforts regarding gas drilling in the City of Dallas.

The gas drilling issues have been among the most contentious issues in recent years at Dallas City Hall. Schutze writes:

In the screwed-up, implacable, totally amoral haunted house that is City Hall, you’re nuts if you go in there on an important issue without a gladiator in front of you. The Cothrums aren’t the only gladiators.

But let me tell you. If my house ever catches on fire, I’m not calling 911. I’m calling the Cothrums so they can negotiate a truck for me. It’ll get there faster.

“Can I have two trucks?”

“Jim, we can definitely get you one truck, and then let’s step back, take a deep breath and check the lay of the land.”

As a postscript, Masterplan CEO Dallas Cothrum notes, “We remain the only consultants to obtain Specific Use Permits under the gas drilling ordinance.”

The firm also obtained approvals for Dale Energy in Mountain Creek and Chief Oil and Gas at North Lake, though both companies have not yet drilled on those entitled locations.
Masterplan has also previously represented XTO Energy and remains involved with Luminant on pending applications at North Lakeand Trinity East in Northwest Dallas.

Jim Schutze, Dallas Observer
Dallas Cothrum, Masterplan

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