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Masterplan assists Rosewood with Oaklawn Special Purpose District

Masterplan assisted Rosewood Property Company in seeking modification of a Planned District (PD).

The firm successfully created a PD Subdistrict within PD 193, the Oak Lawn Special Purpose District, to allow for the new Rosewood Court as well as Glass House, a high end multi-family project developed by Wood Partners.

The zoning allowed for the creation of retail, including Ocean Prime.

The project included zoning, platting, abandonments and called for numerous modifications to Chapter 51 of the Development Code. Masterplan also directed the predevelopment, permitting, inspections, and LEED requirements for both buildings.

“We appreciated the opportunity to work with Rosewood,” said Masterplan CEO Dallas Cothrum. “It has been twenty years since a new high end office development had been attempted. The end result is an iconic building that compliments what Rosewood did years before at the Crescent.

“It’s altogether fitting and proper that Rosewood would develop a mixed use project in a later period that serves as a bookend to their earlier efforts.”

The Dallas Morning News
Dallas Cothrum, Masterplan

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