Victory Park is just one of many signature planned developments Masterplan has helped bring to reality.

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Masterplan Case Memo: Guzick Elementary

Masterplan recently helped DISD win approval of several projects funded by the 2015 Bond Program, including one at Frank Guzick Elementary School. The Dallas City Plan Commission (CPC) rubber stamped a one-story, four classroom addition to the school that will enable it to enroll more Pre-K students. Construction is projected to begin as soon as possible!

Masterplan Austin Dispatch: Zoning & Late Hours

Masterplan and its sister company, LaBarba Permit Service, recently helped Wing Daddy’s Sauce House expand into the Austin market. Karen Wunsch, managing director of Masterplan’s Austin office, secured a site plan compatibility waiver from Austin’s Zoning and Platting Commission to clear the way for expansion of the restaurant’s mixed beverage permit to include a TABC late hours (LB) permit. Soon patrons will be able to enjoy cocktails along with great menu items until 1AM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The restaurant is located at 9811 S. IH 35 at Brandt Road in Austin, TX.

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Masterplan Case Memo: Valley View

The current demolition of Macy’s will allow for the first phase of development at Valley View Mall. Masterplan consultant Ed Simons worked on numerous issues with the Macy’s space during the long decline of the mall. “I’m glad to see something finally happening,” he said. “We’ve worked on this for ten years!”

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Masterplan Case Memo: Woodhill Office Park

Councilwoman Jennifer Staubach Gates recently approved a change of zoning for the Woodhill Office Park at Rambler Road and Walnut Hill. The property is developed as an office condo project. The change now allows improvements to be made to the facility and the signage.

Congratulations to Beth, one of our development associates, on her work with this project – it’s her first case win in Dallas!

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Local Issues: Late Hours Overlay

The battle over a proposed late night overlay that would particularly affect the Uptown bar and restaurant scene continues to heat up. It’s been raging since last year, when hospitality industry players first got wind of the potential change in zoning regulation (the new overlay would mimic the conditions set in place over Lower Greenville back in 2011).

Overlay? What are you talking about?

A committee of the Dallas City Plan Commission called the Zoning Ordinance Advisory Committee (ZOAC) is considering a city-wide change to the Dallas Development Code that would require restaurants, retailers, bars, and clubs to have a Special Use Permit (SUP) to remain open after midnight.


Basically, the neighbors of bars (particularly in Uptown) have been complaining about patron behavior. The City is trying to show that those concerns have been heard. The measure they’re considering, however, would create more hoops for late-night businesses to jump through and potentially have a significant impact on their bottom lines.

So what are people saying?

Well, a large audience of people opposed to the change were present at a recent public meeting. Wes Hoblit, a client services specialist at our sister company, LaBarba Permit Service, was in attendance. As both a member of the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association and someone who works closely with lots of local bar owners, he noted that “there’s been a huge turnout that opposes this every time. Likewise, there doesn’t seem to be any real support for it.”

Save The Patio, a coalition of individuals and groups concerned by the measure, also hosted a meeting this week discussing what they referred to as a “midnight curfew.”

Have your own take on the matter?

Come share it at the next public ZOAC meeting – April 27 at 9 a.m., City Hall!

Watch this space for more updates on the controversial overlay…it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

SOURCE: Dallas Observer.

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