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Dallas City Council Meeting

The City Council Agenda meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 9:00 A.M. in the Dallas City Hall

Fort Worth City Council Meeting

The Fort Worth City Council meets each Tuesday. The first and second Tuesday of each month the City Council meets in the evening, 7:00 p.m. The rest of the month's Tuesday meetings are held at 10:00 a.m.

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Masterplan Participates with Rosewood on Numerous Projects

Masterplan has assisted Rosewood Property Company on a number of their recent projects. Several of these are highlighted in a Dallas Morning News featured article. (See link)
Dallas Morning News

The firm successfully created a PD Subdistrict within PD 193, the Oak Lawn Special Purpose District, to allow for the new Rosewood Court as well as Glass House, a high end multi-family project developed by Wood Partners. The zoning allowed for the creation of retail, including Ocean Prime. The project included zoning, platting, abandonments and called for numerous modifications to Chapter 51 of the Development Code. Masterplan also directed the predevelopment, permitting, inspections, and LEED requirements for both buildings. "We appreciated the opportunity to work with Rosewood," CEO Dallas Cothrum noted. "It has been twenty years since a new high end office development had been attempted. The end result is an iconic building that compliments what Rosewood did years before at the Crescent. Itís altogether fitting and proper that Rosewood would develop a mixed use project in a later period that serves as a bookend to their earlier efforts."

Masterplan has also recently completed work at the Dallas North Tollway and Arapaho for a retail development for Rosewood. The firm is currently concluding work in the Town of Flower Mound for a retail development anchored by Academy Sports and Outdoors. Masterplan assisted in a rezoning, tree removal, and negotiating economic incentives from the Town. CEO Dallas Cothrum remarked, "The Town of Flower Mound clearly has an renewed emphasis on development and wants to work to be competitive in the market. We appreciated the efforts of the mayor and town manager to make this happen." For more information on the project see:

Finally, the firm worked with Rosewood and Wood Partners once again on a multi-family project in Richardson. The project included site plan approvals, parking reductions, and permitting work. "I believe the city appreciated the efforts to bring a residential feel to the area," Mark Housewright, Senior Consultant noted. "We worked hard to reduce the required parking and provide more green space."

Masterplan selected to work on Inland Port Project

The firm has begun working on a 500 acre distribution and fulfillment center development in Wilmer. The project is located at the front door of the Union Pacific Intermodal Facility along Interstate 45. The project will result in nine million square feet of development and will make significant impact on the local economy. "In terms of scale and complexity," Masterplanís founder, William Cothrum remarked, "This may be our most ambitious project. In many ways, it reminds me of when we started to plan DFW Airport when I served on the Dallas City Council many years ago."

Masterplan will direct efforts with regard to annexation, zoning, economic incentives, and permitting with both the City of Wilmer and Dallas County.

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Business Journal

Firm Rezones Lake Highlands Town Center

Masterplan assisted Prescott Realty with a rezoning effort for the Lake Highlands Town Center. Karl Crawley, President of Masterplan, noted, "Our client used the economic downturn to reposition its asset. We had the time to fine tune the zoning to allow for maximum flexibility." The results of those efforts, which also included a reduction in tree mitigation in addition to the zoning, are being seen with construction in full progress.

See Dallas Morning News article:

Dallas Morning News

Crawley concluded, "The zoning will result in more than 200,000 square feet of retail, and 1,200 residential units as well as some office. What makes the project stand out is that Prescott has done a great job creating a sense of place that combines recreational options with an amphitheater in a transit oriented environment. Itís not only good planning: itís going to be a place to have good fun."

For more information on the project see:

Masterplan Obtains Exotic Animal Permit

In the thirty plus years of Masterplan the firm had never been asked to obtain a rare animal permit for a white buffalo. Masterplanís Santos Martinez successfully obtained the permit allowing the animal to join the existing longhorns and mules at the site. "Itís always interesting," Martinez commented, "to be able to do something that the firm has not before. In then end, itís the same process as getting any permit and making the client happy."

Dallas Morning News, First Article

Dallas Morning News, Second Article

Over the past five years, permitting and expediting services have been the fastest growing area of service for Masterplan. ED Simons and Raj Sharma bring more than sixty years of municipal service to projects.

Masterplan Team Members Serve as Appointed Officials

Maxwell Fisher, the newest member of the firm, was recently appointed to the Plan Commission of the City of Garland. Mr. Fisher is an AICP certified planner and brings a wealth of experience in municipal government, especially with regard to zoning and platting issues, to the firm.

The firm also has Karl Crawley serving on the Rowlett Plan Commission. Dallas Cothrum previously served as Vice-Chair of the Dallas Permit License and Appeals Board and Mark Housewright has previously served on the Dallas City Plan Commission (in addition to the Dallas City Council).

This carries on the firmís tradition established by founder, William Cothrum, who served on the Dallas Council in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, of gaining experience on both the consulting and municipal side.

Dallas Housing Authority Selects Masterplan as Zoning Consultant

The Dallas Housing Authority awarded its zoning consulting work to Masterplan in 2012. "We are excited by this opportunity," company President, Karl Crawley noted. "This will give us an opportunity to combine our vast experience in multi-family with our expertise in assisting governmental entities and utilities." The firm has already started efforts on several projects in Dallas and looks forward to providing housing for those that truly need and deserve a first class home.

Longtime City Hall Critic, Jim Schutze, Recognizes Efforts of Lobbying by Masterplan at Dallas City Hall

Jim Schutze, columnist for the Dallas Observor, and an observer of Dallas City Hall since the 1970s recently praised the efforts of Willie and Dallas Cothrum for their efforts regarding gas drilling in the City of Dallas. The gas drilling issues have been among the most contentious issues in recent years at Dallas City Hall. Schutze writes:
In the screwed-up, implacable, totally amoral haunted house that is City Hall, you're nuts if you go in there on an important issue without a gladiator in front of you. The Cothrums aren't the only gladiators.

But let me tell you. If my house ever catches on fire, I'm not calling 911. I'm calling the Cothrums so they can negotiate a truck for me. It'll get there faster.

"Can I have two trucks?"

"Jim, we can definitely get you one truck, and then let's step back, take a deep breath and check the lay of the land."
For full story: Hyperlink

Masterplan remains the only consultants to obtain Specific Use Permits under the gas drilling ordinance. The firm obtained approvals for Dale Energy in Mountain Creek and Chief Oil and Gas at North Lake, though both companies have not yet drilled on those entitled locations. The firm has also previously represented XTO Energy and remains involved with Luminant on pending applications at North Lakeand Trinity East in Northwest Dallas.

Masterplan to rezone ACS Campus on North Central Expressway

Masterplan has recently filed a Planned Development District to rezone the Xerox (formerly ACS) campus located on North Central Expressway between Carroll and Haskell. The property is 26 acres and will provide for a transfer of approximately 16 acres to Trammel Crow Company and will allow for retail zoning. Xerox will retain 10 plus acres and Masterplan will rezone PD 305, the Cityplace District, to provide for a new use of Data Center and a reduction in parking. The project also requires abandonment and significant community involvement. For more information see:
Dallas Morning News

Masterplan obtains zoning for Dallasí first and only Trail and Transit Oriented Development

Masterplan successfully obtained zoning to allow the development of a transit and trail oriented development adjacent to the DART White Rock Station. After extensive work with the neighboring Merriman Park/University Meadows Association, the plans were approved for an approximately 300 unit multifamily project The units will have direct access to not only the White Rock DART Station, but also the White Rock Park trail system and White Rock Lake Park. The support of the neighbors, Plan Commissioner Gloria Tarpley and Councilmember Sheffie Kadane allowed the process to go smoothly. Development is scheduled to begin in late 2013.

Dallas Morning News

Masterplan works on over 200 DISD schools

Masterplan is completing its work on the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) 2008 Bond Project. Masterplan has been the exclusive Land Use and Permitting Consultant on each of the last two bond programs. During these two programs Masterplan has assisted the DISD in obtaining zoning, platting and permitting among other approvals for over twenty-five new campuses and other 200 campus renovations or expansions. Work included the new Adamson High School which sits across the street from the existing now Historic Designated original Adamson High School. The links feature a few articles on the 2008 Bond Program.

Oak Cliff Advocate

Dallas ISD Bond Program, First Article

Dallas ISD Bond Program, Second Article

Masterplan Turns Loss into Big Win

In late 2011, Wood Partners received a 2- 8 vote from the Dallas Landmark Commission, rejecting their proposed Alta West Davis multi-family project. Roughly 15 percent of the property was in the Winnetka Heights Historical District.

After Masterplan was hired to help with the approval process, the firm was able to reach a compromise with the neighbors and city officials, regarding compatibility with the historical district. The result was a unanimous vote by the Landmark Commission to approve Alta West Davis. Negotiations were handled by our consultant Mark Housewright, who represented the area as both a Plan Commissioner and City council member.

Alta Wes Davis is now largely built with leasing running well ahead of projections. It is Oak Cliffís first market rate apartment complex in more than 20 years, according to Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce President Bob Simson.
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